Opportunity Card Points Calculator


What is a Germany Opportunity Card?

Germany introduces the Opportunity Card (Chancenkarte), a pioneering point-based immigration initiative aimed at attracting skilled workers from non-EU countries. This strategic move by the German government aims to fill the growing gap in skilled labor by simplifying the immigration process and providing a streamlined pathway for potential migrants.

Understanding the Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card system is designed to assess applicants based on various eligibility criteria, awarding points for qualifications, language skills, professional experience, and other factors. This system is similar to other skilled immigration systems used in countries like Canada and Australia, offering a fair and transparent method to evaluate potential immigrants.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the Opportunity Card, candidates must meet specific criteria and score a minimum number of points. Here’s a detailed look at the criteria:

Foreign Professional Qualification (4 Points)

Recognition of foreign qualifications equivalent to German standards. Authorization to practice a regulated profession in Germany.

Language Proficiency

Good German Language Skills (3 Points): Demonstrable proficiency in the German language enhances your score. Sufficient German Language Skills (2 Points): Basic knowledge of German, provided you do not already qualify for points under good language skills. English Language Skills at C1 Level (1 Point): Proficiency in English at the C1 level can also contribute to your points tally.

Professional Experience

Five Years of Related Professional Experience (3 Points): Extensive experience in your field significantly boosts your eligibility. Two Years of Related Professional Experience (2 Points): For those with lesser experience not qualifying for the higher tier of points.


Below 35 Years (2 Points): Younger applicants receive more points.
Between 35 and 40 Years (1 Point): A slightly lower score for this age group, emphasizing the demand for youthful workers.

Residency and Family Factors

Six Months in Germany (1 Point): Demonstrates your integration into German society.
Spouse or Partner Eligibility (1 Point): Additional points if your spouse or partner also qualifies for the Opportunity Card.

How to Use the Opportunity Card Calculator

Our calculator simplifies the process of estimating your potential score based on the Opportunity Card’s criteria. By inputting your qualifications, experiences, and skills, you can receive an immediate estimate of your eligibility points. This tool is essential for planning your immigration strategy and understanding your likelihood of qualifying for the Opportunity Card.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Opportunity Card


Facilitates access to the German job market without a prior job offer. Simplifies the migration process for skilled workers. Encourages the influx of international talent, enhancing Germany's competitive edge in the global economy.


Annual caps on the number of cards issued. Requirement for German language skills, which may necessitate additional preparation. The relatively strict age limit could exclude experienced professionals older than 40.

Conclusion: A Pathway to New Opportunities

The Germany Opportunity Card represents a significant shift in German immigration policy, reflecting an acute awareness of the need for skilled professionals. By understanding the criteria and effectively utilizing tools like our Opportunity Card Calculator, prospective immigrants can significantly enhance their chances of starting a new life in Germany.

Opportunity card updates
Proof of education for Opportunity card
 May 11, 2024

When you apply for your Opportunity card visa, you will need to provide proof of your German qualification or proof that your foreign qualification is fully recognized. Proof of recognition can be either a recognition notice from the competent recognition body in Germany, a Statement of Comparability issued by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB), or the status of your qualification in the Anabin database. Read the official notice here

Opportunity card webinar
 May 10, 2024

The official "Make it in Germany" website is organizing a Webinar on the topic of Opportunity cards. Register for the webinar here

Opportunity card to be available on 1st June, 2024
 April 19, 2024

Several news updates from the official portal confirmed the launch of the Opportunity card effective 01.06.2024.

The new immigration law will be effective on March 1st, 2024
 July 6, 2023

On March 1st, some additional updates will be implemented that impact the existing immigration law.

A new Immigration Law in Germany includes the approval of the Opportunity card.
 Feb. 23, 2023

Opportunity card (Chancenkarte) is a point-based system that will help foreigners receive visas to search for jobs in Germany