What support is needed from the Employer for the German Employment visa processing?

Could you please share the details of the documents that I would need from the German employer to process my visa in my home country?

How long should we stay in one company after getting a Blue card?

Once I sign the contract and decide to work for a German employer, am I allowed to switch jobs? If yes, how soon can I switch to a different company? Are there any rules and regulations around this?

How long does it take when you are in the VFS waiting list for Employment visa?

Let's say I have applied now in July month so any idea how soon I will get it?

How was your experience of a JSV interview?

I am planning to apply for the German JSV and as part of my preparation, I would like to understand what to expect in the interview for the visa?

How much salary should I quote during the German interview process?

Hi All, I m in the final process of the interview with one of the companies from Germany. I have been asked for a salary discussion. I m a DevOps/Cloud Engineer with 11+ years of experience. I m about to ask 120k per annum as remuneration. Can you …

Should I choose Germany over the Netherlands if I have a job offer from both the countries?

I have offers from the Netherlands and Germany both; I am unable to decide which one to choose as both of them are giving equal salaries after tax. This is in the field of software testing. Any suggestions are welcome.

How to pay rental deposit to Germany rental agency from Indian bank account?

I have their Deutsche Kreditbank account details

How to find an apartment in Germany or Berlin?

I find it's more difficult to get a Wohnung than to get a job from an employer. There are so many applicants and letters to House owners and of course, the letter or massage should be in Deutsch and many hidden factors are there. There is another…